Extreme Temperature Control Ltd is one of the leading solar companies providing alternative power solutions in Kenya and The East Africa region. We provide unique personalized services tailored to meet the requirements of the region in terms of Solar and Wind powered equipment, Hot water systems as well as Power Backup Systems.

We continuously strive to find and test new products and technologies, which suit local conditions with the best combination of product effectiveness, sensitive allocation of resources with minimum or zero running costs.

We are a premier Renewable Energy Solutions Company based in Kenya. We deal among other things, with Solar systems, Power backup systems , Solar hot water systems and Wind generators. We also have a vast experience in Installation and System Maintenance Services. Over the past 5 years, we have successfully installed solar systems for  companies as well as individual in Kenya . Our Customer care is unrivalled (90% of our employees are trained technicians and engineers. Our understanding of the region makes us able to offer superb service to meet almost any of our client needs with the cost and effectiveness of our solutions in mind.

With over 5 years experience in supply and installation of solar PV lighting systems, solar hot water systems , power back up system as well as solar water pumping solutions , among others , we use our knowledge to give you the most workable and cost effective solution to your power needs.