Kenya Electric Fence Installation Services

The Electric Fencing components offered come designed and developed using latest technology support and meets the working requirements as a psychological and physical barrier

For Years we have provided superior service to our customers. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best fencing contractor/Supplier of electric fencing components in  Kenya and the East African Region.

Extreme Temperature Cooling Ltd, a pioneer in its field, has become the benchmark for the security electric fencing industry. We supply and Install a full range of energizers and fencing hardware from globally known and respected companies.

Our products have become a household name and are now being specified by many governments, local authorities and industries as the product of choice to protect their utilities, correctional facilities and defense infrastructures. This has been achieved by our continuous research and innovation, fast response to the changing dynamics experienced in the security field, the reliability of their products and the continuous support and close working relationship with their clients.